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Hosting :


   What a hosting ?



A hosting is a company which offers a disk space likely to you to be seen by any Net surfer

This disk space is connected 24h/24h to Internet network.


   Which hosting to take ?



Many companies offer a disk space likely to you to be seen by any Net surfer.

Majority of the Suppliers of Access Internet (S.A.I.) offer free to their subscribers a space of lodging. his very economic solution presents many disadvantages, such as the slowness of the access to the site and the perenniality of the site. At the time of a change of S.A.I. the site is lost and it is necessary to again diffuse the new address of the site.

Moreover the address of a site fixed on the field of the F.A.I is not very professional.

Also, it is advised to address themselves to a professional shelterer and to buy the name of its field. It would take too a long time to make an exhaustive list of the various shelterers and their tariffs. Company OVH offers a series of solutions of completely correct qualité/prix report/ratio.

For example the 60gp offer of company OVH. Annual total cost : Purchase of the domain name + lodging of 60 Mo for a price of 26,19 €uros including all taxes (price recorded on October 15, 2005).

Sites and are lodged by OVH with the 60gp offer.

An example of purchase of the domain name + lodging at OVH will be provided to your place at the time of your order.



Follow-up of your site :


  Can one follow the activity of his site ?



The majority of the shelterers provide free tools which make it possible to see the statistics of the sites. These tools, generally very powerful, are sophisticated too much for nonthe data processing specialists.


   Follow-up of a site carried out with  Word et Web



A simple tool of statistics is delivered out of standard. This tool is qualified for shelterers OVH and FREE.

With this tool :

Of a click post the total of the visits of the pages of the site day after day,

Of a click post the total of the visits of the pages of the site month after month.




Follow-up of the visits day after day




Follow-up of the visits month after month